giovedì 13 ottobre 2011

Mary Loves Balenciaga

Ciao to everybody!!! I come back in my blog! This post is dedicated to a friend, that ask me to do this sketch! She's a wonderful person, one of the most important of my life, she's a blogger like many of you!!! She's special for me because we spent a lot of time together, I'm very happy to have drawn for her! Like you can see she loves Balenciagas bags! ;) Let me know if you like it!
If you want visit her blog click here-->The Flashy Blue.

Ciao a tutti!!! Sono tornato nel mio blog! Questo post è dedicato a una mia amica che mi ha chiesto di farle questo disegno! Lei è una persona meravigliosa, una delle persone più importanti della mia vita, ed anche lei una blogger come molte di voi! E' una ragazza speciale per me perchè abbiamo trascorso molto tempo insieme, sono molto contento di aver disegnato per lei! Come potete vedere dal disegno è un amante delle borse Balenciaga! ;) Fatemi sapere se vi piace!
Se volete visitare il suo blog cliccate qui--> The Flashy Blue

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Here a photo with her from Ibiza!!!

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  1. Hi Niccolo! Thank you so much for visiting me! Your sketches are great! They're playful but has a certain edge to them. I also like your friend Maria's blog..she's very cute! xoxoxoo

  2. I really think you're so talented Niccolo! Your drawings make me so happy :) Thanks for making my day!

    Dirty Pink Cardigan


  3. seemed like she's an important person to you :) hope she like your sketch as much as I do! cool sketch!

  4. Great sketches!!! thank you for stopping by and following! I'm following you right back can't wait to see your next sketch
    ciao nick!

  5. bè meravigliosa!!!!!! :) grazie Nick!!!

  6. Che bello questo disegno! Complimenti!

    Baci, M.

  7. I love the sketch, you are so talented and you and mary are so cute together :)

  8. Thankyou for following my blog and I love your sketch! I am following you now!

  9. what a pertty bag! i would love one of those :) and how fun, Ibiza!

    i'm trying to follow you but something is a little weird with blogger. i'll keep trying!

  10. really nice sketches! you have true talent. thanks for stopping by my blog. peace

  11. I liked your sketches you are truly extraordinary l love it :)

  12. La tua amica è veramenente bella! il disegno è semplicemente geniale! xx

  13. Adoro questi disegni...fortunata la tua amica!!!!