mercoledì 30 novembre 2011

Autumn is here again...

Is the 1st of December, and in Italy is still autumn! I have to say that autumn is arrived very late, there isn't much cold this year, but I hope that will snow more than last winter!
Big Hugh from Nick!

E' il primo di Dicembre e in Italia è ancora autunno! Devo dire che l'autunno è arrivato veramente tardi, non c'è tanto freddo quest'anno, ma spero che nevichi di più dello scorso inverno!
Mega abbraccio da nick!

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  1. nice pictures. i like the last one best :]

  2. Cool shots! Autumn looks beautiful in Italy :)

  3. :) ci sta! Belle foto!

  4. autumn in Italy is very very beautiful! ;)

  5. Carinissimo! Se ti va passa dal mio blog. Mi farebbe
    piacere averti fra le mie iscritte ^^ Ciao, Annamaria.

  6. thanks for visiting my blog : )
    you look great on the photos!! i'm so jealous. the weather in canada is so cold, wish i could go back to europe, making holidays in italy like all years!!


  7. Complimenti per il nuovo header!!!!!! Nick è stupendo!

  8. So Handsome! Love the Coat!

  9. Hi Nick, you look very handsome. A true young gentleman. It´s something between autumn and winter here in the Czech rep. Hate this kind of weather but I look forward to Christmas. What about you? xoxo Eve.h

  10. You look great! :)
    Love Lois xxx

  11. Hi there! Thank you for visiting and following my blog!
    You're a very handsome man, u should totally model for a living :)

    Cute blog and Have a great day.

    accidental encounters

  12. thanks very much Lois and Kim and Eve!!! :)