martedì 13 dicembre 2011

Christmas presents for guys?

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Hi everybody!! I decided to do this post because I see that a lot of my followers are girls. :)
I want to give you some advices to do a good present for a men... Christmas is near and if you haven't any idea of what give to your boyfriend read below!!

You can give him a perfume. If you know what is his favourite one you are a step closer .
It can be Calvin Klein, Prada, Gucci, A&F,D&G, Dior ecc.
The watch is an ever green! But if he has got one yet change present.

All is firmed Apple can be a very good present for a men!
It can be an IPod , an IPhone, a Mac, an IPad ecc.

Choose his favourite film!! ;)

Choose the right size and don't throw away the receipt for security!
Don't choose bright colors! ;)

Don't choose bright colors ;)

You can buy a subscription to a gym for 1 month, 3 months , 6 months, 1 depend on your budget! ;)

Choose the right size!! ;D

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  1. Hahahaha thanks I will be getting the watch for him ;)


  2. OMG, this is just great!
    I liked it a lot :)


  3. LOL this is so cute! i have gotten my boyfriend almost all of those things over the last 4 years! this year for christmas i got him some nice clothes and a 6-pack of hot sauce because he loves spicy food!! :)

  4. sei un grande!!! Post bellissimo!!! Anche io comunque ne farò uno simile! (è già in una bozza!!) però saranno regali per la propria fidanzata :)
    Un bacione Nick!!!
    Mary (giveaway on my blooog!!)

  5. Great ideas, I still don't have gifts for my husband...

  6. This posto is so useful! I like it ! This is my blog xoxo

  7. Che carini questo post, molto utile!! :)